45% marks - 12th for GEN/OBC
40% marks - 12th for SC/ST

Career Option:

Law is one of the popular career choices in our country for a long time. Those whose families have been into the profession for generations in India usually opt to study law too. However, to become a lawyer it is not mandatory to have a family background in law neither it is necessary that you belong to an affluent family. Anyone can choose to study law as long as one has the passion for it.

• Criminal Lawyer: Specialises in criminal laws CrPC, IPC, Evidence Act and various other penal laws.
• Civil Litigation Lawyer: Specializes in civil laws e.g. taxation laws, excise Laws.
• Legal Analyst: Works for corporate firms or law firms and analyses laws pertaining to the sphere of the company and its operation.
• Document Drafting Lawyer: Specialises in drafting various documents containing agreements, terms and conditions, case material, etc.
• Legal Journalist: Covers crime beats, legal proceedings in courts, arbitration courts, international courts and arbitration events.
• Legal Advisor: Offers consultancy to corporate firms regarding their legal obligations, duties, legal relations with other firms.
• Government Lawyer: Works for the government and in close coordination with the police.
• Judge: Offers judgment after conducting the court proceedings and hearing al the concerned parties.

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